Photo Booth rental in the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions about Photobooths

Photobooths. Why should you rent one for your event?

Having a photobooth at your event will add fun and entertainment to your party! Moreover, photobooth prints your guests take home will serve as a great reminder and party favour of your event.

Is the photobooth easy to use?

Our photobooth is very easy to use. A welcome screen tells you exactly what to do. There is a 5-second countdown on the screen before each picture is taken, so you can’t miss your cue to smile! Our friendly photobooth attendant is always there to assist you.

How much space is required for the photo booth?


Ideally, the photo booth requires an area of 3m x 3m. If your space is constrained, please contact us and we will do our best to come up with an optimal solution for your event.

Does the photo booth print out photos immediately?

Yes, high resolution prints will be ready in about 10 seconds. Our prints are high gloss and excellent quality.

What size photos can be printed by the photo booth?


The most common photo booth strip with 3 or 4 pictures is 5 cm x 15cm.

How many photo strips are printed after each session? Is it possible for everyone in the photo to get a printed photo strip?


Two photo strips are printed after each session. Your guests can request extra prints so that everyone in the photo can get a printed photo strip.

What types of events are photo booths used at?

Weddings, birthdays, trade shows, conventions, corporate events, graduation parties, anniversaries, sporting functions and basically anywhere there is a party!